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Manage Your Company’s Image on Google Places

August 16, 2010

Now Google Places lets you respond to reviews for your company.  Customers have been able to write reviews of companies for a while now, but Google recently started allowing businesses to respond back.   Yeah!! Applause!!!  This is great news for businesses.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Places, it is the business listing tied to Google Maps.  Now you can manage your image on one of the most popular map sites.  (This is the only map site that I use) All you have to do is verify that you are the owner of the business in Google Places and you will notice a link under each review to “Respond Publicly as the Owner”.  It is that simple, but here are  instructions on responding to reviews in Google Places, if you would like  the Google version.  If you are wondering how to verify that you are the business owner in Google Places, click here.  .

It would be easy if customers just used 1 website to write those reviews, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen.  Here are some other sites that you may know – Yelp, Kudzu, Angie’s list, and Service Magic.  Since I am the owner of a small business web development company, I like to see what customers are saying about us.  I do a Google search for CORIS WebDev every month to see if our company’s name has popped up on a new review site and or mentioned in an article.  I recommend you do the same, you don’t want to have a bad review out there turning potential customers away for you, since we all know how a bad review can affect business…managing your company’s image on the web is tricky.  I just make sure that I don’t read too much into what the customer is saying and remember to keep it professional.  It never looks good if you get into a shouting match with a customer online.  I like Mike Blumenthal’s take on responding to negative reviews here.

Make sure that your company is listed in Google Places, so your customers have another place to make their rave reviews about you!

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